We love challenges and have made it our goal to support you and your team – physically and technologically. The brand new CEP soccer collection is designed to meet the unique needs of soccer teams by providing support for constant start-stop movements so that players are ideally equipped for fast action in the game. CEP has put together a special team that gives every player the power to redefine their limits and be a step ahead of the competition in every situation.


"Before we shot the video with CEP I had no idea what all compression can do for you in soccer. Changing directions quickly, keeping control of the ball and maintaining your stamina can take its toll on you – with the Griptech Socks, I’m able to give it my all for 90 minutes long.", Bastian Horter (SpVgg Oberfranken Bayreuth)


Griptech Socks
Griptech Socks
Recovery Pro Tights
Recovery Pro Tights

For ambitious athletes for recovery

Ultralight Shirt
Ultralight Shirt

All endurance and team sport athletes

Active Base Shorts
Active Base Shorts

All endurance and teamsport athletes


If you want to use your power as effectively as possible during the game, then the Compression Socks and Sleeves are your best team partner. The proven medi compression gives you more power in your calves, provides stability to reduce the risk of sprains and shortens your recovery phase. Functional padding in the foot area ensures excellent shock absorption and a comfortable fit. The Griptech Socks offer perfect control and prevent slipping in shoes thanks to their flat and flexible SMARTGRIP coating. This helps prevent injuries so you can play at the top of your game.

Griptech Socks

What drives us? Making you stronger. Pushing your body to the next level in peak phases for that extra bit of performance. We optimize recovery phases so that you feel good after your game or workout and give your body the support it needs, when it needs it. We make your body stronger and prepare it for challenging situations in the game when you need a performance boost.

This is what we strive for in everything we do. Every single CEP product incorporates our decades of experience as a manufacturer of medical compression products and partner to professional athletes and sports medicine specialists. We want you to reach your athletic goals and give you what you demand from compression: an amazing effect.

Feel true compression. Experience CEP.

PREVENTION - Before and during activity

STIMULATION: Improves circulation
WARM-UP: Activates muscles
PERFORMANCE: Run lighter and faster
STABILIZATION: Strengthens tendons and ligaments
BALANCE: Reduces muscle vibrations
HEAT AND MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Feet stay dry and shoes fit better
PROTECTION: Perfect fit prevents injuries and blisters
REGENERATION - After activity

SUPPLY: Increases resting blood flow
RECOVERY: Accelerates regeneration
TO GO: Perfect for travel